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Newsletter - Eurocamp Chichester 2015 - Day 5                                                                                  13/08/2015

                                                                    P1030290                   P1030297                                                                           

The last full day of camp brought the players their last day training exercises. Though it wasn't long before they were headed back to the courts for their final team games. Coach Phil Mcgloughlin's team the Propellers won the Red rose conference, while Coach Tom Stansfield's team the Comets won the White Rose conference with a extremely exciting buzzer beater win.

P1030341                      P1030327                      P1030330

After lunch it was time for some individual competitions. We managed to catch the 3 point tournament with both the junior and senior conference having some great talent, making some very impressive shots under pressure. 

P1030411   P1030381   P1030355 

As the end of the day approached it was time for the All star games and the traditional coaches verses campers match. Even though the game was both exiting and intense like tradition the coaches managed to keep hold of their undefeated title with a win of 21 - 13. Better luck next time campers.

P1030556    P1030480

After dinner the campers started to make their way to the university of Chichester's SU for the end of camp disco.  Not only did the players get to have a chance to have some more fun and relax after a long week of hard work, but the disco was a great opportunity for our champions to receive their winning medals. Coaches also gave out awards to one hard working player in each of their teams presenting them with their very own Eurocamp t-shirt. Lastly just before the music started the campers got a chance to watch this years camp montage. 

We hope you enjoyed Eurocamp Chichester 2015 as much as us! We will see you all again next year for just as much fun and basketball!

Newsletter - Eurocamp Chichester 2015 - Day 4                                                                                  12/08/2015

                                                                P1030090                             P1030086

           With our camp nearing its last few days players looked to make some last minute improvements to their skills in order to help their team progress in the team conferences. 


                                                               P1030135                  P1030163     


Even though every camper and even some of our coaches had their minds focus solely on their final games their was still time for some fun with the return of the worm. Coach Katie Doubleday made a special experience along side some of our campers as she to raced to retrieve her miss placed possessions. 



After a bit of fun it was time to announce our chosen campers for the last international game  G.B. men verses the rest of the world. Congratulations to our G.G. team who won the game, 47 - 39.                                         

Newsletter - Eurocamp Chichester 2015 - Day 3                                                                                  11/08/2015


                                                                   P1020689                            P1020737

After breakfast our campers started to wake up and their energy was soon back as the took to the courts for more training with their colour groups. We followed some of our older campers to Westergate  School where they learnt about defensive plays.


After lunch the campers had a small break before it was off to train with their teams. We managed to get some great footage with some of our individuals wearing a go pro as to show a players perceptive. Footage to be upload to our Youtube page in the next few days! 

                                                                P1020940                             P1020921

                                                             With time to let their dinner settle our campers were back on the courts late afternoon for their final team matches of the day.

                                                                P1030005                            P1030003

Nearing 9pm the campers were sent to the main sports hall for role call where some of our players had to worm to collect their rediscovered lost possessions. As the players continued to applaud their fellow                                                                                                               campers, our hard working staff were busy organizing pizza night! A night great enjoyed by our campers.



                     Lastly our campers ended their night watching the entertainingly close international match G.B. verses The Rest of the World. The final score stood 33 - 31 to our international friends!

Newsletter - Eurocamp Chichester 2015 - Day 2                                                                                  10/08/2015

                                    P1020300         GOPR0156 

After some breakfast and the morning roll call, the bright eyed campers were split off into their colour group to work on skills such as ball handling, shooting, and man to man defense. But not before announcing who will be playing for their representative nations team. 

                                                                         P1020485                 P1020478

After lunch most of the campers got a well earned rest as they enjoyed watching our first international game, UAE vs GB men. though quite an intense game team UAE were the clear winners this time around.

P1020529         P1020528        P1020524

After some team training it was 4pm and the camps first team games were about to start. Don't worry we were still able to grab a few team photos before they got  to far into their team talks and game play. 


Once dinner was out of the way campers were back onto the courts for their second installment of team games for the day, hoping to continue or improve on their earlier performances.

P1020656      P1020659

The evening entertainment came in the form of days final game, Hungary vs Iceland, women. All of the campers gathered in the university's main sports hall, filling the sides of the court and surrounding viewing balconies.  Hungary took the win with a score of  36.


Newsletter - First day of Eurocamp Chichester 2015                                                                          09/08/2015


                                                                      SAM 1916                                Chapel - university of chichester     

Eurocamp Chichester 2015 has finally arrived! Now in it's second year we welcomed over 170 basketball enthusiast to camp this morning. Greeted by Eurocamp staff, campers headed to the chapel to sign in and collect their room keys, where their brand new Eurocamp kits awaited.

                        P1010894         Meeting            Meeting       

      As we reached early afternoon it was time for introductions. Campers not only got to meet all our coaches but they were introduced to each other and their representing nationalities. This year Chichester has campers from Spain, Kuwait, Iceland, UAE, Norway, Hungary, Germany and Great Britain. A great chance for all our campers to make some new and exciting friends. 

                                                             Sports hall                                  Sports hall

After all of the introductions were over and our campers were finally starting to settle in it was off to the University of Chichester's main sports hall, where  placed in height order our campers were organised into groups ready to be placed into their Eurocamp Chichester teams.

        training                       training                       Training

Once making it to their correct courts it was time for the campers to participate in group games and ability drills to highlight their skills in order to place them in the correct colour groups and teams. After a fun session it was off to dinner.

                                                             P1020096                               P1020039

After dinner the campers headed back to a session of games and training exercises as our coaches made their finally decisions and placed our last campers into their correct teams.

P1020224            P1020214     

Gathering within the university of Chichester's main sports hall once more it was time for the campers to find out their teams and most excitingly their coaches! 

After a long first day the campers headed off back to their rooms for some well deserved rest, ready and eager for tomorrow,.

Eurocamp 2018
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